Army Of One
Army Of One / Riot

Pruduced By Mark Reale and Bruno Ravel for Soundcheckers Productions
Engineered and Mixed By Bruno Ravel at Soundcheckers Studios, NY
Additional Musicians; Bruno Ravel - Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Art Direction: Bruno Ravel and Mark Reale
Cover Art : Mike Pont
Release Date : July 12, 2006

1. Army Of One
2. Knockin' At My Door
3. Blinded
4. One More Alibi
5. It All Falls Down
6. Helpin' Hand
7. The Mystic
8. Still Alive
9. Alive In The City
10. Shine
11. Staind Mirror
12. Darker Side Of Light
13. Road Racin' (Live)
(Recorded Live at CLUB CITTA', Kawasaki, Japan 1998)

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