D2 NYE Show AD In Morristown, NJ
December 31, 2005 : Double D's
D2 NYE Show AD

Hiro & Venue Entrance Double D's Dinner Buffet

1. Auld Lang Syne 〜 Crazy Nites 9. Rob's Guitar Solo 〜
2. Under The Gun When She's Good She's Good
3. Slipped Her The Big One (When She's Bad She's Better)
4. Don't Blame It On Love 10. Bang Bang
5. Don't Walk Away <Encore>
6. Boys Will Be Boys 11. I Still Think About You
7. Naughty Naughty 12. Good Time
8. Shot 'O Love 13. Monkey Business

Where is Morristown, NJ?
MorristownはNYの西、Penn Station(↓の地図の一番右)からNew Jersey TransitのM&E Morritown Lineで約1時間10分の所。(駅は↓の地図の黄緑色のLine上、上から3つ目。片道$9.50程度。) "Double D's"は駅から車で5〜6分。

New Jersey Transit Map

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